Darryl Harrison

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Darryl Harrison Senior Partner

We are a team of Professional Accountants and Financial Planners who strongly believe that quality and professional financial advice, products and services should be available to any person who is serious about their financial well-being and who is prepared to do something about it.

Darryl Harrison
Senior Partner

Professional Accountants (SA). FSP

Darryl’s experience started in 1974 and includes both the corporate and private sectors. The corporate sector included mid and senior management positions in the financial and administrative sectors of the mining industry employed by De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd and Anglo American Corporation Ltd covering a period of 20 years. He has been in the private sector for the remainder of the time managing his own accounting and financial planning practices in Botswana and South Africa.

As the senior partner Darryl interacts with clients to review their financial statements, tax planning, financial planning and estate planning matters. This is normally done annually or as and when determined by the particular circumstances or needs of the client. He also consults with clients on their business and personal financial and administrative needs and structures and provides legally compliant best advice on these matters.