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DHA Accounting Estimate


Enter your Details

We promise:

To keep your details secure

Never to sell them to third parties


Transaction Volume

We don’t expect you to count all your transactions, an accurate guestimate will suffice


Monthly Accounting

We will:

Allocate and process all transactions using an cloud-based accounting system

Reconcile accounts monthly

Conduct materiality testing

Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet


VAT Function

We will:

Compute, prepare, review and submit your VAT returns on your behalf



We will:

Check and capture your weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payroll information

Prepare your payrolls

Email payslips to staff

Load your payroll for you to check before release of payments


Payroll Submissions

We will:

Prepare and submit the monthly EMP201 return to SARS

Create bi-annual employee tax certificates

Prepare and submit bi-annual reconciliations to SARS


Annual Financial Statements

We will:

Prepare the company Annual Financial Statements

Calculate and prepare the Corporate Tax Return

Meet with you to review the AFS and Taxes before submission (either face to face or electronically)

Submit CIPC Annual Return (Excludes CIPC fee)

Obtain Tax Clearance Certificates

Supply BBBEE Affidavit

WCA Return submission

WCA Letter of Good Standing


Individual Taxes

We will:

Preparation of tax computation

Prepare and submit Tax return

Review of Tax Assessment

Calculate and submit Provisional Tax returns